what does approved with conditions mean

Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!! – myFICO Forums – 664670 – Well, the "approved" part is very promising. The "conditions" part may just mean that they need additional documentation, such as proof that the collections have been paid, for example. It’s Sunday; you should probably just relax today and call your loan officer tomorrow. good luck!

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Conditional Mortgage Approval In Mortgage Process – Once the mortgage underwriter feels borrowers qualify for mortgage loan, the underwriter will issue a conditional mortgage approval. What Are Conditions On Conditional Mortgage Approval? How Solid Are Conditional Mortgage Approvals? Just because borrower gets a conditional mortgage approval does not mean that the mortgage loan is ready to close.

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Once your home loan is approved, the underwriter will inform you that the loan is approved, however, based on a few conditions. It’s important to understand that this approval will eventually expire, along with your rate lock, so you want to get moving to satisfy all of the conditions listed.

does conditional approval mean u are approved, after u meet the conditions on a fha home loan? asked by chantel82, 08823 mon nov 7, 2011. the seller has already packed up and leaving this week i hope evrything goes as planned i would hate for them to have left for nothing.