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  2. ed What you need to know about VA loans – This feature is different to other government-backed loans, like those backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the U.S. Dept. “Cosmetic issues are one thing, but an appraiser has to.

    – History of Stated Income Loans. Qualifying for a Stated Income Loan Before The Housing Bubble. In exchange for the additional risk referenced above, stated income lenders will typically have higher interest rates for these loans. There are just a few stated income lenders who can help in all 50 states.

    Mortgage insurance companies push back against 50% DTI – Last year, the GSEs announced they were increasing their debt-to-income ratio to 50%, a move that mortgage. of loans that have debt-to-income ratios exceeding 45%, particularly when combined with.

    The Return of Stated Income Loans | Bennie D. Waller, Ph.D. – The Return of Stated Income Loans.. Stated income loans are being offered by companies such as Unity West Lending and Westport Mortgage, according to a Reuters story, giving such borrowers a chance to buy properties that they could rent out.