Bah For Dual Military Couples

Senior NCOs oppose BAH cut for dual-military couples – Senior NCOs oppose BAH cut for dual-military couples. The Pentagon’s seven top enlisted leaders sent a rare joint letter to Congress criticizing the controversial proposal to limit dual-military couples to a single housing allowance payment.

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Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) – – What impact will removal of renters insurance have on Basic Allowance for Housing rates?. For comparison purposes, civilian salary equals the sum of military basic pay, average BAH, BAS, plus the tax advantage of the untaxed allowances.

What BAH and BAS rate do dual military couples receive. – Dual military personnel with no children are both still considered Single. To be authorized BAH w/o dependents they must be based in the US and not required to live in barracks. To not live in barracks then either E5 and above or if both are based at the same location the Command approve it.

Dual military question : army – reddit – NO, dual-mil do NOT get one bah single rate and one BAH w/dep UNLESS there is an actual dependant (like kids) involved. If there are no kids, both get single rate BAH. I’ve been dual-mil for 11 years, and the only reason my husband got w/dep was because he had a kid.

Senior NCOs oppose BAH cut for dual-military couples – U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel A. Dailey of 3rd brigade combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, from Palmer, Pa., visits the Forward Operating Bases, Combat Out Posts,

SASC Says You Don't Deserve Full BAH | KYP Takes The Hill – BAH has increased over the past 16 years, making the disconnect between it being a benefit and an expected part of salary more pronounced. Basically, in the eyes of the SASC, dual military couples are the largest part of the problem. The SASC is asking that the Secretary of Defense provide a report.

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Couples BAH’ cut survives – So as couples are reassigned to new stateside duty together, BAH for the lower ranking member would end. The latest demographic report on the U.S. military, from 2013, shows 87,200 active duty members.

BAH Guide – Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Frequently. – Slashing dual BAH was proposed as a way to save money since dual military couples don’t typically have larger housing expenses than a family with only one military member. However, it’s easy to argue that BAH is an integral part of military compensation and taking away BAH from one member of a dual military household amounts to a.

I've Read Dual Military Couples Will Soon Lose Dual BAH. Is This. – Dual-military couples without additional dependents each receive the Without Dependents rate. Who is Eligible for BAH? The military has a limited amount of housing available for service members. This can include dormitories, barracks, and on- and off-base housing.

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